Feature Switches

Continuous Deployment is arguably the holy grail of development. The ability to regularly and automatically deploy changes for an application increases team responsiveness, encourages Agile Development, and allows the end-user to provide quick feedback influencing future work.

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Regexes: The Introductory Lesson

Ever heard of the term regex? What about grep? They both represent the same basic premise: Regular Expressions. (Side note: grep is the Unix tool that can run Regular Expressions)

A Regular Expression (or regex) is a set of characters representing a text pattern. At its simplest, abc is a regex. When applied to the text


it matches the text in red, just like a normal search would in your text editor of choice. That’s because we were only dealing with literal, or non-special, characters. The special characters, however, are what makes regexes so powerful.

Special characters hold meaning outside of just the character itself. For example, the dot character represents a wildcard instead of a period, and the ? means the character before it is optional. There are a bunch of special characters, and they dramatically expand your ability to search through text. Let’s look at some examples…

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