Getting Started: Testing The Waters Has Never Been Easier

Becoming a developer might seem like an insurmountable task. Where do you start? What language should you learn? What IDE should you use?

For some initial development work, try an online IDE that does some of the heavy lifting. There’s a ton of options for a wide range of languages and many of them are free (and even more offer commercial pricing options).

Here’s a couple of options to get you started:

  • CodeAnywhere – A cross-platform, multi-language, web-based IDE with built-in repository support. You can even run your code and it spins up your program right in the browser
  • Cloud9 – Much like CodeAnywhere with some slightly different language options.
  • JSFiddle – A place to test out your web dev skills. Allows you to cleanly separate your HTML, Javascript, and CSS, and share your results with others.
  • .NET Fiddle – Play with C#, F#, and VB.NET straight in you browser. Great for testing out those snippets of code without actually spinning up project or solution.
  • HyperDev (beta) – Attempts to make deploying a Javascript-based site as seamless as possible. Your code gets executed and rendered as you type, so you can see the results of every keystroke.

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