5 Tips for Speeding Up Development

In college, one of my professors told a class that the average developer writes on average 25 lines of a code a day. He also recalled managers watching over his shoulder while he stared blankly at the screen, which would lead to the inevitable “Why aren’t you doing anything?” question. He would simply respond with a “I’m thinking.”

As developers, we have to balance a myriad of skills and considerations for every block of code we right: How long will an approach take? Is the code correct? Is it efficient? Will it make sense to another developer? Will it have side effects? What business rules should I consider?

Some days, you might not write any code. Diving down into the depths of your codebase, you might get lost searching for some bug or performance bottleneck for hours, days, or worse. Unfortunately, the time-worn cliche “Time is money” holds true for most developers, so in spite of all the development speed bumps, we have work that must be finished. And said work typically has a deadline.

So here’s a list of performance gains not for your code, but for you. You may not be able to eliminate the need for investigation or consideration, but maybe you can speed up everything else.  Continue reading “5 Tips for Speeding Up Development”