Tech Blog Discovery

I happened upon a tech blog this week, and it has a ton of great material for developers and techies alike. I ended up on his site through this infographic:

What Is Programming And What Do Programmers Do? [Infographic]

He does a great job summarizing the life of a programmer in a minute or two worth of reading, so much so that I’m subscribing to his blog. I figured I’d share in case anyone else found value in it.

He also has an entertaining infographic about choosing a programming language. It’s a little biased toward Python, but everyone is entitled to their opinion 🙂 :

Which Programming Language Should I Learn First? [Infographic]


Pair Programming: Accelerate Your Learning

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

– Benjamin Franklin

In a way, being a developer is like being a professional student. We don’t just educated ourselves and then spend the rest of our career’s using that knowledge. The dev world is just to vast and dynamic to sit and stagnate. Instead, we spend our time googling, reading, and prototyping. We test our limits and build new things, because that’s what truly successful developers do.

You don’t hear about that one developer who secluded himself in his cubicle, entrenched himself with narrow-mindedness, and strove for mediocrity. Or if you do hear about him, it’s usually not good. Noteworthy developers are constantly learning and thinking creatively. Great developers can impart their ever-growing knowledge base, as well as their desire for learning, to others. In that sense, great developers are both students and teachers. But how do you transition from a junior developer to a skilled, knowledgeable one? Continue reading “Pair Programming: Accelerate Your Learning”